Stupid looks from the Mirror

December 27, 2006

Sometimes as the years pass we lose parts of ourselves.  We don’t mean to, it just sort of happens as responsibilities (read life) gets in the way.  And, strangely enough, we tend to forget what the lost parts were like.

This past year I guess I have tried to remake myself into the athlete that I never was.

I, like many others,  have gotten tired of the gas prices.  So, I decided that I would ride a bicycle to work.  Spent thousands.  Worked very hard.  I accomplished my goal…at least to some degree.  I was able to ride to work.  I was able to ride regardless of the weather.  I had ridden many years ago back and forth to work and thought this wouldn’t be too different.  I knew it would be difficult…I am a bit older.  But, I forgot one minor complication….I now have asthma full-time.  While, I enjoyed riding…my asthma didn’t.  My wife didn’t.  She was very nervous about my breathing, or lack thereof.  My doctor wasn’t thrilled either.

As the months passed, my breathing became more labored…my stubborness took over.  I was sure I would get better.  I didn’t.  Then my wife reminded me of a part of me that seemed to have been lost.  She insisted that I get a motorcycle…….what a great wife.

If this wasn’t the best present ever……it did reconnect me to a time long ago.  Years ago,  I rode a motorcycle daily to work when we lived in Denver and I was still in the USAF.  I had forgotten how free I felt.  I had forgotten how much it felt, like “me”.  For many other people getting a motorcycle wouldn’t be “normal” it would be “crazy”.  But for me, “normal” had returned.  I had forgotten how it felt to be “in the wind”.  I am amazed at how good the motorcycles are today.  The brakes actually stop them.  Wow.  Even for the cheaper motorcycle like mine, Kawasaki Ninja 250, the  craftsmanship and attention to detail are far beyond anything produced when I was riding before.  I got so happy I was giggling… embarrassing.  But, I don’t care….I am back on two wheels.

These two wheels: 

My wife had attempted, prior to the bicycle fiasco, to get me back on a motorcycle.  Should have listened.  But, I was stubborn.  Often stubborn=stupid.  And, I can be oh so stupid.  She knows me so much better than I know myself.  Funny how you can live so long and know so little, even about the one that stares back at you from the mirror.  And, while giggly at the moment, from the mirror it often looks stupid here.


4 Responses to “Stupid looks from the Mirror”

  1. Motor-Guy Says:

    Nice Bike man! My woman hates mine.

  2. alii1959 Says:

    Everyday, in every way, I am more and more thankful for her….. One year, in North Dakota, even, a motorcycle was all the transportation we had. I think she is just happy not to have to ride in the cold (hahahaha). Thanks for visiting.

  3. Motor-Guy Says:

    Dude, maybe she could talk to mine… Enjoying your blogs!

  4. alii1959 Says:

    Thank you for reading…. And, she is very understanding. But, she does eat squid and octopus…things I used to call bait (hahaha).

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