Around here being the resident Geek…..

December 31, 2006

Means that I am the one tasked with “fixing” and “supervising” all computer operations.  While that isn’t so bad normally.  Right now is having a sale on their photo printing…..thanks a lot.  This sale has caused my poor MacBook to be uploading pictures for over 2 hours, at this point……maybe quite a few to go.  Arrrgh do these stores really intend for people, like my lovely wife, to upload hundreds of pictures at a time???  I thought not.  No, they intended Gramma and Grandpa to upload a dozen or so….and be happy.  Do I get to do that???  No, of course not.  If you wind up using their site do remember to use the photocenter plugin for OSX or windows, otherwise you’ll be doing it one picture at a time…..a serious loss of sleep.  My wife takes an amazing number of pictures.  In my brilliance I suggested a digital camera……NOW SHE CAN TAKE EVEN MORE.  AAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!  She enjoys it so much.  But, it does cause a great deal of work for Walgreens, my MacBook…and, ME!!!  But, she does do all the cooking….so I guess we’re even.  At least that is the way of it around here.


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