Here we have a damp impatient wait.

January 5, 2007

I’ve been staring out at the rain….all day. I usually like the rain. I usually enjoy the rain. But, today I am on 4 wheels…..aaaarrrrggghhh. I realize that by the time one gets to be my age I should be very patient. But the fact is that I am on 4 wheels because some of the gear I have ordered, for my return to 2 wheels, hasn’t come in yet. I hate WAITING FOR STUFF that I have purchased. When I want things, like a little brat, I want THEM NOW. In this day and time we should be able to get things in a reasonable period of time. But, of course, I had to order it just before the holidays. Then, of course, the company put it on back order. AAAAArrrrrggggghhh, I am trying to be patient. The article of clothing I ordered was a pair of motorcycling pants that fit over other clothing that include body armor a strategic points.

So, what does this have to do with the rain…..well, with my rustiness, so many years out of the saddle, I am a bit afraid to ride in a thunderstorm without as much protection as possible. I am paranoid. And, I realize that it is paranoia that keeps the cyclist alive.

Unfortunately, not many of the younger cyclists that I see are aware of this fact. They don’t seem to realize that they cycle in a time when the cycling industry produces exciting apparel that even includes body armor. Body armor. Wow. Back 20, or so, years ago the clothing available either made you look like a member of the “hell’s angels” or like some “boy racer” from Europe. the old clothing made you sweat just looking at it. Most of us made do with clothing we could afford. My how times have changed.

Today, proper protection is very affordable, comfortable, and amazingly durable. Had these pieces been available when I was younger, maybe I’d have never quit.

All that said, i can’t understand why more of the younger generation don’t use this stuff. I am passed quite often by some youngster clad only in jeans and a T-shirt. I guess they just don’t like skin. I even saw a video of a young girl wearing only a helmet, sweatshirt, and jeans get blown of the back of a sport bike. How could the young man on the front of the bike allow this to happen? Didn’t he appreciate the way her skin was arranged before they started the ride? What is wrong with these people? I can’t imagine sitting in the hospital trying to calm my wife as she receives skin grafts because, “we were only going around the block”. It is true irresponsibility that allows us to act like this. Too often our desire to be “cool” and tough keep us from making responsible decisions. Wonder what he had to say to her parents? Wonder how he kept from killing himself, as she suffered surgery after surgery to repair the damage he caused? How could he life with himself as she cries in agony night after night?

For all of those reasons, I wait impatiently for equipment that will hopefully keep my skin where it is. And, in due time, I will order the same equipment for my wife. So, I choose not to ride, when I feel unsafe, and I wait impatiently right HERE.


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