At least here, the NFL is DEAD.

January 7, 2007

If this day occurred 30 years ago, I’d have been staring at a TV screen all day. But, oh so many years later, my how times have changed. At least here, football died a quickly, nearly forgotten death, 26 years ago…..

Just after my wife and I married we moved to North Dakota. I, being a young American male, was so excited at the prospect of being so close to the home of my favorite team…the Minnesota Vikings. I loved the Vikings so much that I had even done reports on Minnesota in Elementary School. This was back in the days when the only teams shown on TV were from the region in which you lived. So, if they weren’t in the playoffs, on Monday Night Football, or playing the Falcons, this Georgia boy could only follow them in the paper. And, I did.

Well, after we married we moved to Minot, ND. I was so excited. The playing season had ended for that year, but, as always, the next season was soon to come around. When the first game was to be televised I was sitting in my favorite chair. My little 13″ B&W TV inches away. My chips and drink right at hand. The pregame show was relished. I was working myself into a fevered pitch. My wife didn’t even care that I was watching football. I was so happy. Things couldn’t be better.

It was about that time that she walked by, headed to the bedroom. Semi-clad she announced that she was taking her plump little self off to nap and told me to enjoy my game. At first, I was still happy. That is of course, until i realized that my lovely wife was off to bed……without me. And, I was going to spend the next four hours watching grown men hold each other close????? Further, they didn’t seem to care that I was watching them…..but, she would welcome me. They didn’t even notice when I turned off the TV…..

It occurred to me later that I don’t understand many married men. They would rather watch football than be with their wives????? You mean you’d rather watch grown men hold each other close, make grunting noises, and ignore you completely???? I don’t get it anymore…

Further, the teams are so happy with their fans that they move constantly, trade your favorite players, and act like you owe them a new stadium. What is wrong with us as a society? What is wrong with us as a gender??? If the teams really cared about you…i.e. return your ticket price when they lost, return the purchase price for the jersey when the payer is traded, stayed in the city that paid for them, etc; then I might understand….but, they don’t care about you. They didn’t care about me. But,…

For the last 26 years she has cared. She has been there always. And now, Sunday afternoon is for holding each other close, listening to the rain outside, and being content……isn’t that what we all want. That is what I wanted.

While football for me died, the NFL seems to be doing quite well without me. It seems there are many who’d rather spend their Sundays with people who don’t care about them, than with the one who shares his bed. Well, at least around here, the NFL is a long dead memory…..I would keep writing, but it is nap time.


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