We be crunching simple code here……YEEEEEHHHAAAAA!!!!

January 13, 2007

For all of those non-geeks out there…ya might wanna stop reading here…have a nice day. For all you normal people….away we go!!

In addition to Linux on my desktops I have a MacBook Black,running OSX, obviously, that I use for most of my work and portable play. I must say that OSX is truly a work of art. I have loaded numerous open source/freeware onto it without any difficulty, once I learned how to get X11 loaded. Things are running very smoothly. It is funny how smooth….even the X11 programs seem to run natively w/o waiting for X to load, then the program, then the file you wanted, etc. It just works.

In my efforts to run a smooth ship, I have worked hard to find an office suite that did what I wanted and leave me appendages for riding my motorcycle. I have tried Apple works….aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh (dinosaur). I tried pages….funky interface that I just don’t seem to be getting accustomed to. (Meanwhile Keynote is an extremely user-friendly and productive program, Powerpoint would do well to learn some lessons here.) I started to try OpenOffice, like I run on my Linux boxes, but decided to use NeoOffice, an OSX port of OOO. It runs quite smoothly, although it opens a bit slowly.

But, therein lies the snag. I depend on Neo to keep track of my attendance and grades at school, which consist of 4 different spreadsheets. I had set Neo to open at login. Then, I manually opened each spreadsheet individually. This seems to take forever, especially when a student is waiting semi-patiently to learn a current grade. I decided to try to automate the process.

I tried Apple’s automator….but, for me at least, it is a bit more complicated that I expected. I decided to try my hand at Applescript. After all, it couldn’t be that hard….oh yeah right!!!! I spent a full hour being told, over and over and over again, can’t find file XXX, can’t open file XXX, etc. I have a book I consulted “Mac OSX, the Missing Manual”, which sort of helped, but not exactly. I did manage to open Neo via my script…but, duh I could do that via a single click ANYWAY!!!!! Then, I consulted the discussion groups on Apple’s website, which are a great resource BTW, and between the two I managed to put together a small script. It opens NeoOffice and all 4 spreadsheets without further adieu. I even compiled my little program and placed it on the dock…and, IT WORKS!!!!

Boy, it is so much faster than the old manual way. Although compilation wasn’t part of it, this reminds me a great deal of writing autoexec.bat files back in the days BEFORE WINDOWS BEGAN TO SUCK BIG TIME. But, it was a good bit easier, and it didn’t screw up the system when it was wrong. This is my first Applescript…but it won’t be the last.

I had been wondering if I was going to be able to be a bit more geeky with OSX, and now I have the answer. OH YEAH, BABY, OH YEAH!!! We be crunching simple code here……YEEEEEHHHAAAAA!!!!


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