Here…we’re off to Tennessee!!!

January 23, 2007

There are many things I do not understand….most of what happens in Hollywood comes to mind. One of those that catches me over and over is the fact that for a teacher to have a day away from the classroom requires more work that being there. I have just gotten home after 10+ hours today, not counting the 10+ hours yesterday, the hours this past weekend, etc. getting ready for a substitute to take over my classes for a few days. I really feel for the sub. Taking over established classes for even a day is very difficult.

Beyond that, most teachers don’t provide enough work to keep the students busy the whole time. They work for 10 minutes and the sub gets to dance for 40 minutes. That would turn into a real taxing day if the students don’t want to cooperate. I always leave more than enough for them to do…in addition,the work will be graded…not just busy work. I don’t do busy work.

When I return I will be bombarded by observations about the sub, that will most likely not be flattering, but often quite accurate. The kids tend to be very good judges of character, as a whole.

I hope I prepared well enough. I hope the kids behave. I hope the sub isn’t a complete dork. I hope the administration pokes their collective heads in once or twice. I probably worry too much. No, I always worry too much. I just can’t help myself. These classes are my responsibility. And, I don’t take that lightly. Guess I spent too many years in the Air Force, duty is something I cannot shirk.

But, I do promise to enjoy a few days away with my family…in Tennessee…which is colder than here. Why aren’t we going to the beach….I know….I know in the Virgin Isles….or Tahiti…or SOMEPLACE WARM…hey, with bikinis….oh well….grab a blanket, a coat, gloves, and warm hat, its off to Tennessee.


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