I’m all giggles here…

January 26, 2007

Ok, I realize I just got back involved in motorcycling, but there are some of the new trends I just don’t understand. I love the addition of body armor in everything. I love the reliability of the new bikes. I love the fact that most of the dealers these days seem to have a bit of social responsibility. But,…

What is up with the desire to have a car engine in a motorcycle??? I mean 1200, 1300, 1500, even a 2000….what is wrong with these people. The gas mileage is actually less than the cars with the same engine…some of the cars may even weigh less. Did everyone watch Biker Boyz and get overcome??? Do you realize that nobody even sells a 400 anymore?? A 400cc motorcycle will blow the doors off of most any car ever made….yet we have 1500s?? Where are you going to go that fast? Almost none of these guys are going on Track Days. What am I missing? Or,…..

Maybe my problem is that I don’t need a motorcycle to confirm my manhood. I don’t think that having the biggest motorcycle means I am “more” of a man than someone else. It doesn’t matter if I am or not. I have what I have. Besides impressing other guys just doesn’t seem to be important to me. It never was….but, impressing the girls, well that is a different story.

Most of these guys in their race leathers, huge motorcycles, and weekend excursions are attempting to make up for a missed youth. I ride because I love to ride. I respect the guy on a scooter…..even the 50cc variety. Vespa riders are some of the most dedicated riders I have ever heard of. I do notice that most of these “manly men” cannot bring themselves and their toys out when it is cool. Anything under 50 degrees finds me virtually alone on the street…and anything under 30 forget it…I AM ALONE. What happened…I thought these were “real” bikers. Oh, and God forbid it should be overcast, sprinkle, drizzle, or mist….again I AM ALONE. I see so many motorcycles that never move, why do they buy them? Mine is out rain, shine, cold, heat, I am a biker. Not some balding racerboy wannabe.

I ride because the wind calls my name. I ride because I still can. I am not like the bald guy in the Viper cruising the high school or junior college. I find myself more like the older guy with the MG Midget or Bugeye sprite…..that same silly grin of a young kid having the time of his life. Not an effort to impress others. Truly an effort to impress me. The guy with the Midget probably has a much or more fun that the guy with the Lambo, and he doesn’t need the approval of others to feel he has a fun toy. Neither do I, but I do feel sorry to the huge CC crowd who can’t even let their bikes growl without endangering their lives and risking an entanglement with the Law.

The truth is, as I have read a number of places, it is more exciting to ride a smaller bike fast than it is to ride a larger bike slow. It is the secret that the Midget driver recognizes. Yes, the giggly kid in me is running loose around here.


One Response to “I’m all giggles here…”

  1. Hannah Says:


    I just got my Ninja 250 this week…but it is way too icy in Chicagoland to take her out and start to THINK about breaking her in…

    Gosh, I completely understand the dilemma with these bigger bikes…people keep telling me that after this summer, I’ll want to upgrade to a bigger bike…

    My question is…Why? It’s not the machine as much as it is the rider…and I’m fairly sure that this baby will take me much faster than I will ever need to go.

    You rock.


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